About Us
  Sai Palm Leaf Limited was started by two siblings, (sister and brother) from India, sister was studying in UK for her master’s (International business) and at the end of the completion of her course she got an opportunity of starting her own business, sister was searching for an excellent business idea. One day she went to London Swami Ayyappa Center on high street north Manor Park, she saw people consuming food and beverages, so she thought of making cup of coffee for herself, after making it she took a plastic spoon to add sugar but to her amazement plastic spoon started melting.
  She talk about the incident to Swami Moorthy and after a long discussion, they found an alternative to plastics, products made from palm leaf and she instantly started working on it an even introduce the idea to her brother and he was very excited as well do the business. Now they bought manage the company brother from India and sister from UK, to help health and environment for a better tomorrow. Since then we've been delivering top quality Ecofriendly Disposable Palm Leaf Products, for a good price and from an ethical source
  About our products
    Wholeleaf products are made from nothing but naturally fallen Indian palm leaves. It's a renewable material almost 60 billion palm leaves fall to ground in India every year. All we do to turn the leaf into a party plate, bowl or platter is wash it in locally sourced spring water and heat press it into shape. That's it. 
    The heat makes our products ready to eat from and, once formed, they keep their strength and toughness until they are ready to go back into the soil when you compost them. We don't use any chemicals, resins, agents, glues or anything else just the leaf, the Wholeleaf and nothing but the leaf and some water.
  Product + Services
    The Areca Palm tree is a tall, beautiful tree that is hugely abundant in India. The trees are harvested for their fruit, the betel nut. Areca trees have large leaves, or fronds, which shed and fall to the ground every few weeks. The leaves are usually collected and burned.
    We turn these leaves into disposable plates, bowls, platters and party tableware, as an alternative to paper plates and trays. The products are natural, compostable and biodegradable and yet stylish. The production process is very simple:  we wash the leaf in water and heat press it to the correct shape (this also sterilizes the leaf). This is what makes our products different from other disposables Wholeleaf products are totally natural. No pulp, no starch, just a washed and pressed leaf.
    Bespoke palm
Palm leaf is such a great renewable raw material because you can make all sorts of shapes of dishes and natural packaging products out of it. If you would like any particular shape or even your own logo on your plates, please contact us to see what we can do for you.
    What to do with your palm leaf product after use You could try using it again! You don't even have to eat from it; you can use it for so many different things. We've got palm leaf plates dotted around our homes and the office; useful for storing keys, change and other bits and pieces. 
    Why not show us how inventive you can be? Email us a photo of you and your palm leaf tableware being used in the most imaginative way you can and we'll put the best ones on our website. Every photograph published gets a free picnic pack. If you would rather not use it again, then you can compost it. Many local councils also collect organic waste for composting. If you don't compost at home but you've got a garden, you could just break the plates up and spread the pieces round your garden. They will break down, enriching the soil like any other leaf, within a couple of months.
    And if none of those options suit you? You could put used palm products in your fire to help keep you warm. As you might expect, they don't release any bad fumes into the atmosphere. Alternatively, why not just wash them with water and feed them to a cow? But please ask the cow if she would like some palm leaf for lunch! If she just moos or says nothing and gives you a blank look, you should ask her owner.
  The Project
The project is quite simple. India is a rapidly developing country but there's still a lot of poverty and some rural people find it difficult to find a rewarding job. With your help, we would like to employ as many people as possible making palm leaf products.
We make sure that the people who make palm leaf products are paid a fair wage and that they work in good conditions. We can help people and the environment at the same time. Go to Shop to buy palm leaf products
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